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Our Inspiration

Halfway Home Pueblo was created to carry on the Legacy of our late brother, Roland "Fatty" Taylor who founded Taylor-Made Playaz Youth Basketball Camp in Denver, CO. He was a professional ABA/NBA Basketball Player for the Washington Caps, Virginia Squires and Denver Nuggets from 1969-1978. He went on to mentor 100's of at-risk youth through his basketball camp. Going above and beyond, he extended the program to be year-round instead of seasonal. This assisted with keeping the youth engaged thus keeping them out of trouble. 


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Roland "Fatty Taylor, Virginia Squires 1969- 1974


Roland "Fatty" Taylor, Denver Nuggets 1974-1977


Mr. Taylor and Mr. Wright 


Taylor Made Playaz Basketball Camp


William Michael Wright, the Founder of Halfway Home Pueblo, following his brother's footsteps. 

"We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future."
-Franklin D. Roosevelt

The Wright Family


William Wright, President/Founder of Halfway Home, Inc. and Marisa Wright, Secretary/Director of Operations created this 501(c)(3) nonprofit youth organization to assist Pueblo families with important resources necessary to raise children to become responsible and respectful adults. Formal education is important, however certain there is a need to educate youth about important life skills and the unspoken rules of society. 

Having both come from good families and also knowing the difficulties parents/guardians face raising children, helps them to empathize and assist other families. Also knowing the wrong paths and overcoming obstacles allows them to relate to youth that may be headed down the wrong road and empower them to change their future for the better.


Beulah Heights 5th grade Like Skills Participants - 2019

Mission Statement:

To provide resources and services essential in empowering youth with their journey in creating a successful future.

Vision Statement:

Every child has the opportunity to reach their full potential and build a strong moral compass which will allow them to contribute to every aspect of life. 

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